Is Your Differential Trying To Communicate A Problem To You?


Although your vehicle's differential plays a crucial role in manoeuvring your car, not many motorists pay it any mind. In fact, chances are you have never heard about your vehicle's differential until it begins to cause car problems. The differential is a system that enables the wheels of your car to spin at varying speeds. This difference in speed is prudent when you are trying to navigate corners as the wheels on the inside of the corner need to turn at a slower rate.

28 September 2016

Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Your Own Car Repairs


After an accident, you may be tempted to repair your car on your own. If you have some power tools, you can certainly watch a few videos that instruct on how to manage many different types of smash repairs. However, an internet video may not give you all the instruction you need to ensure the repairs are done right. Note a few mistakes to avoid when handling your own accident repairs so your car looks its best and you know you're safe on the road.

11 August 2016

Indicators That Your Mobile Truck Tyres Require Urgent Replacement


The condition of tyres play a part in determining how safe your mobile trucks are when on the road. Therefore, you should stop at nothing to ensure that your mobile truck tyres are in tiptop shape all the time. However, many people often disregard or don't know the telltale signs that their mobile truck tyres require replacement and that the tyres are therefore a threat to road safety. Here are the key pointers you should look out for to know when the tyres of your mobile trucks need replacement.

22 December 2015

3 Tips for Off-Roading with your SUV


If you have a shiny new SUV like a 2015 subaru outback, you've probably been driving predominantly around the city. You've noticed how smoothly it drives along the pavement; the wheels and the suspension system make it barely noticeable that you're moving at all. As great as your SUV is for driving around the city, you have an itch that the smooth urban roads can't scratch – the itch to see what your car can do off-road!

21 August 2015

Car maintenance tips for single mums


Independence and mobility are key to running a successful household as a single parent, and having a car that is reliable car is crucial to living an independent lifestyle. It's easy as a single mum to neglect regular car maintenance if your budget or car knowledge is limited, but when your car breaks down unexpectedly it's a major inconvenience and financial burden. Let's look at some helpful tips for single mums to keep their car well-maintained.

7 May 2015

How Auto Wreckers Can Ensure Environmental Sustainability


The transport industry where auto dealers fall under is one of the leading sectors in environmental degradation. With the rise of environmentalists and environmental protection laws, it is important for every stake holder in the auto industry to apply environmental friendly measures in their work so as to avoid problems with law suits from activists and to practice social responsibility by 'saving the earth'. The vehicle tearing-apart activities in a wrecking yard have the potential to cause environmental harm through most forms of pollution such as air, soil, water and even noise pollution.

24 February 2015

Quick Ways To Look After Your Tyres And Wheels


Maintaining your car's tyres and wheels doesn't take much if you know what needs to be done. With the right care, you can improve the lifespan of your tyres, ensuring you don't have to replace them more often than you should. You will also improve your driving experience by improving safety and handling. Read on for more information. Wheel balancing Wheel balancing entails making sure that all four tyres are on the ground at the same level.

15 January 2015

Four Unique Items to Check for When you Purchase a New Car


Purchasing a new car is a huge step that you should prepare yourself for. You likely are already prepared for the negotiating price game that is present on most car sales lots. Something else you should be prepared for are the new accessories and items featured in most newer car models. If you haven't purchased a car in a while, consider these four unique items or accessories to check for when you visit the car sales lot.

5 January 2015

The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Car's Factory-Installed Navigation System


Most drivers today appreciate a navigation or global positioning system to keep them headed in the right direction when on the road. Many new cars today have the option of a factory-installed navigation system, or you can forego this option and choose one you purchase on your own and simply keep in your car. Consider the pros and cons of a factory-installed navigation system versus one you buy so you can determine which is the right choice for you.

19 December 2014