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Indicators That Your Mobile Truck Tyres Require Urgent Replacement


The condition of tyres play a part in determining how safe your mobile trucks are when on the road. Therefore, you should stop at nothing to ensure that your mobile truck tyres are in tiptop shape all the time. However, many people often disregard or don't know the telltale signs that their mobile truck tyres require replacement and that the tyres are therefore a threat to road safety. Here are the key pointers you should look out for to know when the tyres of your mobile trucks need replacement.

Wear markers are at the same level as the tread.

Many tyre manufacturers often place wear markers to indicate when it is time to replace old tyres. When the tread on your mobile truck tyres is level with the marked points, then it means that your trucks will have no more use being put on the road, as doing so would be a safety risk. Because replacing the tyres can be rather expensive, it is prudent to start saving up for the project before the treads have reached the point where the manufacturers consider the tyres to be no longer roadworthy.

Serious deterioration of the sidewalls.

As you inspect your tyres for wear, it is vital to keep in mind that not all tyre problems are as a result of poor tread; the sidewalls of the tyres may also suffer cuts, cracks, and bulges due to coming in contact with all sorts of sharp objects. This can cause the tyres to gradually deflate or lose pressure, and this can cause the tyres to burst, especially if the mobile trucks are being driven at very high speeds.

Unusual vibration when driving the trucks.

If there is an unusual vibration when your trucks are being driven and you had the suspension systems checked, you are travelling on a smooth road, and you are driving properly, chances are quite high that you have tyre issues. Tyres that are worn out can make driving the trucks a scary experience, as they may dangerously wobble from side to side.

Tyre threads are visible.

Some mobile truck operators allow their vehicles to leave for the road despite noticing that the tyres of the vehicles have become so worn that tyre threads are showing from the outside. This is a serious case of road safety infringement, as the trucks can easily lose their grip of the surface they are travelling on because there is no tyre tread whatsoever.

If you notice any of these signs of tyre wear, contact a local tyre shop like Metro Tyre Service to get  your tyres replaced as soon as possible. 


22 December 2015