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Hello, my name is Nick. This is my new auto blog. Have you ever wondered about how you can improve the look and functioning of your auto? If so you are in the right place. I live in a large house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and my house has as many garage parking spots as it does rooms. And believe me, it has a lot of rooms. I like to collect classic cars and then work on them to restore them to their former glory. In doing this, I have learnt lots of cool tricks. I would like to share some of these tricks with you here.

Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Your Own Car Repairs


After an accident, you may be tempted to repair your car on your own. If you have some power tools, you can certainly watch a few videos that instruct on how to manage many different types of smash repairs. However, an internet video may not give you all the instruction you need to ensure the repairs are done right. Note a few mistakes to avoid when handling your own accident repairs so your car looks its best and you know you're safe on the road.

Mixing makes and models for parts

A bumper from a Chevy truck may seem like it will fit your Ford truck, but this isn't always the case. The same is true when it comes to different models of the same vehicle; a bumper from a Chevy sedan may not be made to fit a Chevy truck, or even the same sedan from a different year. Bumpers and mirrors or parts under the hood like fans, pumps, and other such pieces are made to fit a certain make and model of vehicle in particular. Trying to mix them up can mean ill-fitting parts that can compromise your safety, not communicate properly with your car's computer, or otherwise be a bad choice. Always choose parts meant for your car's make and model in particular when making repairs.

Thinking appearance is the most important part of repairs

You might be able to cover over a dent or ding with putty or attach a bumper to a car with bolts that are hidden behind it, but your car's appearance is not the important part of repairs. Your airbags often respond to vibrations along the car's body, and a poor-quality repair, although it looks good, can cut down on those vibrations so that your safety is compromised. Those bolts you use for bumpers may be out of sight, but if they're not keeping the bumper attached as they should, this can cause a greater impact during a collision.

Not testing everything that might be damaged

If a quarter panel is dented, have you tested the alignment of the wheels that may be affected by the crash or noted if the tie rods are bent? If the back bumper is dented, did you test the brake lights to see if the wiring is still intact? As with thinking that a car's appearance is all that's important, you might make repairs to what you assume is the only damaged part of your car without checking other areas that may have also suffered damage, and your car's condition and your safety may be compromised.


11 August 2016