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The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Car's Factory-Installed Navigation System


Most drivers today appreciate a navigation or global positioning system to keep them headed in the right direction when on the road. Many new cars today have the option of a factory-installed navigation system, or you can forego this option and choose one you purchase on your own and simply keep in your car. Consider the pros and cons of a factory-installed navigation system versus one you buy so you can determine which is the right choice for you.

1. Price

In some cases, you cannot get a factory-installed navigation system unless you upgrade to a certain accessories package or trim option for your car. If you don't want to also get the satellite radio and leather trim and all the other options and accessories that you need to purchase in order to get the navigation system, it may be better to simply purchase one on your own.

2. Appearance

If you're very particular about the appearance of your car's interior, the factory-installed system will be fully integrated and offer a neater, more concise look. It will be a permanent part of the dashboard and not look like an afterthought, so consider this if you want your car's interior to look uncluttered and cleaner.

3. Theft resistance

A factory-installed navigation system is less likely to be stolen since it is integrated into the dashboard. Systems that are added on can draw the attention of thieves since they typically sit on top of the dashboard or on the console, and they're easier to snatch out of the car through an open window than an integrated system.

4. Resale value

A factory-installed navigation system can increase a car's resale value. If you know you'll want to resell your car in a few years, you may want to purchase the system so you know you'll get as much money for your car as possible when you're ready to resell.

5. Updates

Updating a factory-installed system can be pricey and cumbersome. In most cases you need to buy a DVD and load this into the car's dash every time you need to update the system. When you purchase a navigation system from the store, you may be able to update it by connecting it to your computer with a USB cable and logging onto the manufacturer's website. These purchases typically come with a subscription or number of updates included in the price.

Only you can determine if a factory-installed navigation system is the right choice for your next new car purchase, so note these considerations carefully to help you make that decision.

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19 December 2014