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Hello, my name is Nick. This is my new auto blog. Have you ever wondered about how you can improve the look and functioning of your auto? If so you are in the right place. I live in a large house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and my house has as many garage parking spots as it does rooms. And believe me, it has a lot of rooms. I like to collect classic cars and then work on them to restore them to their former glory. In doing this, I have learnt lots of cool tricks. I would like to share some of these tricks with you here.

3 Tips for Off-Roading with your SUV


If you have a shiny new SUV like a 2015 subaru outback, you've probably been driving predominantly around the city. You've noticed how smoothly it drives along the pavement; the wheels and the suspension system make it barely noticeable that you're moving at all.

As great as your SUV is for driving around the city, you have an itch that the smooth urban roads can't scratch – the itch to see what your car can do off-road!

While off-roading is an amazing experience, it can be difficult and even dangerous at times. Follow these tips to ensure the best possible off-roading experience.

Be Aware of your Front Wheels

If you're on a particularly difficult trail (perhaps snow or loose dirt), you need to be acutely aware of the position of your front wheels.

The thing is, the position of the steering wheel doesn't always correlate to where the front wheels are facing, particularly if you've made any sudden turns. If you aren't sure, lean out the front window to take a peek at the wheels – by doing this, you can avoid some very sticky situations!

Know your Limits

While your new SUV is irrefutably amazing, it isn't indestructible. Be wary of rocks and stones – they have the annoying ability to scratch up your car. If you're taking a particularly nasty trail full of potholes and loose rocks, drive with extreme caution (and at a very slow speed).

Additionally, you must always keep in mind your vehicle's minimum ground clearance. This depends on the make and model, so check the manufacturer's manual to find out. If you see a ridge that you're not sure you can clear, double and triple check the height – you don't want a protruding piece of stone to gut the underside of your car.

Prepare to Get Stuck

If you go off-roading enough, you will get stuck at some point, no matter how careful you are. You need to thoroughly prepare for this eventuality.

Your first instinct might be to floor the throttle if the wheels are stuck, which is the exact opposite of what should be done.

If you're stuck, you will want to attempt to ease the car out of it by using a light throttle and gently jiggling the steering wheel. If this fails, you can use the winch to tow yourself out of the hole – just make sure to attach the chain as low to the ground as possible!


21 August 2015