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How Auto Wreckers Can Ensure Environmental Sustainability


The transport industry where auto dealers fall under is one of the leading sectors in environmental degradation. With the rise of environmentalists and environmental protection laws, it is important for every stake holder in the auto industry to apply environmental friendly measures in their work so as to avoid problems with law suits from activists and to practice social responsibility by 'saving the earth'. The vehicle tearing-apart activities in a wrecking yard have the potential to cause environmental harm through most forms of pollution such as air, soil, water and even noise pollution. The tips below should help auto wreckers practice better environmental responsibility.

Power sources

Many vehicle parts require some form of machinery to disassemble. To practice environmental responsibility in your wrecking yard, ensure that these machines are run on environmental friendly fuel as often as possible. These fuels offer a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, such as diesel, that are major causes of air pollution. There are many types of alternative energy sources such as solar power and wind power available for use.

Arrest spillages

When tearing a vehicle apart, oil spillage is almost inevitable given the many auto parts that require oil for lubrication, not forgetting the engine that runs on petrol or diesel. Spillage of these different types of oils has potential for causing both soil pollution and water pollution in case the oil runs into a nearby water body. This necessitates some form of oil collection underlay in a wrecking site where any dripping oil can accumulate and be disposed of appropriately after the vehicle wrecking activity.


Many people would agree that a wrecking yard is a major eye sore with an almost rugged appearance. Just because the space is for tearing apart old and damaged cars does not mean that the land should also appear old and damaged. Simple measures such as cleaning up, proper equipment and junk arrangement, rehabilitative and maintenance measures such as planting some flowers and trees will do the trick of preserving the wrecking yard's aesthetic value.


It is impossible to have a quiet operational wrecking yard. This becomes problematic, especially if the yard is within a residential area or near noise sensitive areas such as hospitals and libraries. However, you can significantly reduce noise levels within your wrecking yard by conducting the rigorous auto wrecking activities within a soundproof room instead of doing it out in the open.  Too much noise from your wrecking yard can cause major disturbances and you may even be sued for being a nuisance.

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24 February 2015