4 Common Techniques Used in Bus Panel Beating

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Panel beating is a complex process which allows damaged auto bodywork to be repaired without replacement of the distorted parts. It is therefore an economical and expedient repair process after road accidents since it eliminates the purchase of new panels. You can also choose to engage a panel beating technician for a restoration project aimed at refurbishing old but usable vehicles such as buses. The bus panel beating work is labor-intensive and different techniques will be required to reinstate the natural body contours.

1 June 2015

Car maintenance tips for single mums


Independence and mobility are key to running a successful household as a single parent, and having a car that is reliable car is crucial to living an independent lifestyle. It's easy as a single mum to neglect regular car maintenance if your budget or car knowledge is limited, but when your car breaks down unexpectedly it's a major inconvenience and financial burden. Let's look at some helpful tips for single mums to keep their car well-maintained.

7 May 2015

Three Benefits of Ordering Hino Spare Parts from a Genuine Parts Dealer

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You probably already know there are several ways to order Hino parts when you need them. You can choose to use a general mechanic, catalogue ordering, and online ordering. One way that you may want to consider, especially if you are handling the ordering on your own, is to use a genuine Hino parts dealer. Here are three benefits and key points to consider about ordering from a genuine Hino parts dealer in your area.

17 April 2015

How to Make Sure You're Buying the Correct Used Parts & Getting a Good Deal

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If you have finally had enough of paying full retail cost for your car parts as a dealership, then you may be thinking about buying used components at a wrecker's yard. Yet you may have no experience of doing this. What do you need to know, to make sure you're getting a good deal? Research Online First Firstly, do some research online. You should be able to find a database of used car parts, to give you an idea of the street price for the components in question.

27 March 2015

What Causes Classic Cars To Overheat?

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Many owners of classic cars have to deal with their car overheating. Some think that adding coolant into the engine will solve the problem but that may be far from the truth. This is because many things apart from a lack of coolant in the engine can cause overheating. This article discusses some of the reasons why your classic car may overheat. Sediment Build-Up In Radiator Tubes Water circulates in the radiator tubes so that it is cooled before it re-circulates in the engine.

12 March 2015

How Auto Wreckers Can Ensure Environmental Sustainability


The transport industry where auto dealers fall under is one of the leading sectors in environmental degradation. With the rise of environmentalists and environmental protection laws, it is important for every stake holder in the auto industry to apply environmental friendly measures in their work so as to avoid problems with law suits from activists and to practice social responsibility by 'saving the earth'. The vehicle tearing-apart activities in a wrecking yard have the potential to cause environmental harm through most forms of pollution such as air, soil, water and even noise pollution.

24 February 2015

3 Signs that Your Car Needs a Tow, Even if It's Running

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Being able to start your car and get it on the road doesn't mean that it's in good repair or should actually be driven. There are times when a car needs repair work that makes it a danger to be on the road and when driving it can actually cause more damage, even if you're driving only a short distance. Consider the following times and signs your car should call towing services in addition to a repair facility, even if it's running.

10 February 2015

3 Surprising Signs Your Car Needs Servicing

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Just because you can start your car, this doesn't mean it's in good repair or that it should even be driven on the road. Very often a car may run and you may even be able to move it forward, but it still needs major repairs of one sort or another. Knowing the subtle signs of these needed repairs can keep you from doing more damage to your car. Consider a few of those here.

26 January 2015

Quick Ways To Look After Your Tyres And Wheels


Maintaining your car's tyres and wheels doesn't take much if you know what needs to be done. With the right care, you can improve the lifespan of your tyres, ensuring you don't have to replace them more often than you should. You will also improve your driving experience by improving safety and handling. Read on for more information. Wheel balancing Wheel balancing entails making sure that all four tyres are on the ground at the same level.

15 January 2015

What Are Some Car Options for Dog Owners?

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When buying a new car most of us consider size, fuel efficiency, safety ratings and interior space among other cosmetic factors. But for the many dog-lovers in Australia who rely on cars to get around and transport their beloved four-legged friend, it is important to consider the impact your dog will have on the car as well as how safe it will be for your canine and any other passengers. 

7 January 2015