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What Are Some Car Options for Dog Owners?

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When buying a new car most of us consider size, fuel efficiency, safety ratings and interior space among other cosmetic factors. But for the many dog-lovers in Australia who rely on cars to get around and transport their beloved four-legged friend, it is important to consider the impact your dog will have on the car as well as how safe it will be for your canine and any other passengers. 

To begin, it is illegal in Australia to transport a dog in the boot of sedan-type car, regardless of whether it is in a crate or loose. They can travel in the cabin of the car if they are properly harnessed, or in the boot of a SUV/wagon behind a cargo barrier or pet net. In the case of an accident an unrestrained dog can become a projectile, injuring themselves and other occupants. So if you are planning on transporting a dog while your car is full, it is important to consider buying a wagon.

Next, consider whether your dog will be getting in and out of the car a lot, how you will secure your dog, and if your dog has any special requirements.

It is worth considering a car that is low enough for your dog to jump in and out of itself, which will minimise strain to your back. The Hyundai i30 is a good example of a car that has a flat boot and is quite low to the ground. There is no lip for dogs to scramble over, which minimises paint damage. The flat surface is less frightening for dogs than cars they cannot see into, making the car ride less of a hassle and more fun for everyone. The i30 also has fold-able seats that can provide room for bigger dogs. 

If you transport your pet in a crate, the Purgeot 2008 features sliders on the floor of the boot, which will minimise damage to the bumper and upholstery, as well as reducing back strain when the crate is moved in and out of the car. There are also a number of hooks on the low lip which allow the crate to be secured or pet harnesses to be attached. 

Some cars, like the Honda Civic, feature a back seat that folds off the floor and a very low back door without a lip—perfect for small or older, arthritic dogs, or even very timid dogs that prefer to sit on the floor. The Honda Civic even has harness connections on the floor for added safety. This is also good for people who want to load up their boot with luggage and still transport their dog with them. 

Finally, remember that dogs need the same amount of care in the car as an infant. Like children should never be left in a car on a hot day, and trips should be planned around breaks for your dog to have food and water, relieve itself and to stretch its legs. Properly considered, your new car can be just as much fun for your dog as for you, and everyone will arrive safe and sound. For more information about pet-friendly cars, talk to resources such as Hyundai-Adrian Brien.


7 January 2015