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3 Signs that Your Car Needs a Tow, Even if It's Running

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Being able to start your car and get it on the road doesn't mean that it's in good repair or should actually be driven. There are times when a car needs repair work that makes it a danger to be on the road and when driving it can actually cause more damage, even if you're driving only a short distance. Consider the following times and signs your car should call towing services in addition to a repair facility, even if it's running.

1. The brakes are soft, grinding, or squealing.

Soft brakes means they're not gripping the tires as they should, and this often means your car is low on brake fluid. If you drive your car when this happens, the fluid can leak out completely and your brakes may fail altogether.

Grinding and squealing usually means the pads or shoes are slipping out of place and not gripping as they should. On the road they can slip completely and bring your car to a screeching halt, and this in turn can cause damage to the rotors and other parts of the brakes. No matter how the brakes are acting up, it's best to have your car towed rather than trying to drive it.

2. The steering is too loose or too stiff.

Steering that is too loose, meaning you need to turn the wheel again and again before the car turns, can mean that you're losing steering fluid. Steering that is too stiff, meaning the wheel doesn't turn at all, can mean that a part has broken off or seized up. In either case, your steering can go out or lock up altogether when on the road and you would not be able to control your car. This too is a time to have your car towed, for your own safety and the safety of other drivers.

3. The radiator and coolant system is leaking.

Many car owners recognize a leak in the radiator or coolant system because coolant has a sweet smell to it. However, you should never be able to smell it because this fluid should always be contained within the system itself. Driving your car with this type of leak can mean allowing your engine to overheat, or the radiator could burst because of the pressure that builds up around that leak. In both cases, this can lead to very expensive repair bills, so it's best to have your car towed to a shop to have it fixed.


10 February 2015