What You Need to Know About Upgrading the Suspension of Your Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle

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If you love to take your 4WD vehicle off-roading, you probably want an upgraded suspension. This would be one that is stronger so it can absorb the shocks of an uneven road or one that is longer so the body of the vehicle sits higher up from the ground and you have more protection for all the parts under the hood. Many suspensions are both longer and stronger for maximum protection of your 4WD vehicle.

6 April 2016

Know the Signs of a Faulty Automatic Gearbox

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Gears and gearboxes are reliable devices or features in your car. While automatic transmission may offer you greater reliability because of improvements in their operations and design, they are bound to develop problems sometimes. Effects of the mode of operation or unforeseen interactions of the transmission systems are usually some of the main courses of these problems rather than the faults of the gear itself. Therefore, being a very crucial system in your vehicle, it's important to understand some of the signs and symptoms of your automatic gearbox failures.

24 March 2016

How to Handle a Brake Fluid Leak

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If you notice dark fluid underneath your car when it is parked or are having issues with the smell, sound, and function of your brakes, you might be dealing with a brake fluid leak. Here are some steps for handling this type of leak. Stop Driving Your Car The first thing you need to do if you notice a brake fluid leak is stop driving your car. This type of car is dangerous if you continue driving and ignore the leak.

19 February 2016

How to know when you need to have your brakes looked at

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Your brakes are extremely important elements in your car. In many instances, they are what separate you from an accident. If they were to malfunction you could be put in a truly dangerous situation. When your brakes are starting to break or malfunction, this is usually easy to tell from the break light on your dashboard and the fact that your brakes have started to function poorly. However, malfunctioning brakes can have other symptoms as well.

28 January 2016

Steering and Suspension Problems: Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Two hallmark components of your car are the steering and suspension systems. The steering system helps the car driver to be in control of the vehicle while on the road. The suspension system, on the other hand, is designed to give the driver and his or her passengers a smooth ride. The two systems are directly linked, which explains why they are usually referred to collectively. Even though the task of troubleshooting steering or suspension issues may seem rather daunting to many people, you have a fighting chance if you can detect the following telltale warnings:

14 January 2016