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What You Need to Know About Upgrading the Suspension of Your Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle

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If you love to take your 4WD vehicle off-roading, you probably want an upgraded suspension. This would be one that is stronger so it can absorb the shocks of an uneven road or one that is longer so the body of the vehicle sits higher up from the ground and you have more protection for all the parts under the hood. Many suspensions are both longer and stronger for maximum protection of your 4WD vehicle. Before you do upgrade the suspension system, note a few things you should keep in mind so you know you make the right choice and are protecting your vehicle as much as possible.

1. Your tires may need upgrading too.

The suspension you choose for your 4WD vehicle will be very important for absorbing shock from all those bumps when you go off-roading, but your tires are also important to remember. Wider tires can absorb more shock and help with traction and stability. Don't assume that an upgraded suspension is all you need to keep your vehicle protected when off-roading; also note if you should upgrade to deeper treads or something wider for your tires at the same time. 

2. Mind your center of gravity.

Longer shocks can be good for getting the body of your vehicle off the ground and protecting it from damage along the undercarriage, but you need to also mind your center of gravity. Adding an elongated suspension to a vehicle that is already very tall can increase the risk of rollovers. Note too if you tend to carry anything tall and heavy on the roof; a lightweight bike might not affect the vehicle's center of gravity, but a roof rack packed with fuel cans, a spare tire, and the like can mean lifting that center of gravity and increasing your risk of a rollover. When choosing an elongated suspension, discuss your options with a specialist who can advise you on the safest length for your vehicle.

3. Don't sacrifice everyday driving performance.

An overly long lift kit can mean less control when steering or swerving the car, and this can affect your everyday driving. It does no good to be able to climb the rocks of your favorite trail on the weekends if you put yourself in danger when you can't swerve out of the way of someone cutting in front of you on the highway. Balance your need to protect your vehicle when off-roading with any sacrifice this might make in everyday driving performance so you're always safe when behind the wheel.

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6 April 2016