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How to know when you need to have your brakes looked at

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Your brakes are extremely important elements in your car. In many instances, they are what separate you from an accident. If they were to malfunction you could be put in a truly dangerous situation. When your brakes are starting to break or malfunction, this is usually easy to tell from the break light on your dashboard and the fact that your brakes have started to function poorly. However, malfunctioning brakes can have other symptoms as well. For you to be sure to always be driving with fully functional brakes, there are a few things you should think about.

Worn out brake pads 

One of the things you should remind yourself of examining regularly is the brake pads. If they are starting to run out, you'll have a hard time getting your car to a full stop. Except from just looking at them, as you will be able to tell how thin they are, there are more things you can use to find out that your brake pads have started to disappear. If your hear a rough grinding sound while braking, for example, this is a sign the brake pads are all gone and that your brakes are operating on nothing but metal. Most cars also have a device which will give away a high-pitched sound when the brake pads are starting to run out. Replacing your brake pads is often something you can do yourself, as they are inexpensive and uncomplicated spare brake parts.

Pulling car

If your car is pulling to either side while you're driving, this could also indicate a problem with your brakes. A calliper might be stuck, applying pressure to only one side of the car. You might also have run out of brake pads completely on either side that might cause it to apply brake more poorly on one side. However, pulling is not just a braking issue but could also be about poor tyre alignment or air pressure. If your car is pulling, you need to get it to a professional to properly find the reason for it out for you.

Vibrating pedal

If your pedal is vibrating when you're trying to brake, this might mean you have gotten air into the hydraulic system. It could also mean you have a rotor that has been somewhat warped. The rotors might change shape during times of extreme temperature rises. If you've been towing something really heavy or driving up a steep hill, for example, these are instances when the internal heat of the car could've caused the rotors to warp. As vibrating pedals also could be a sign for tyre misalignments, you should get your car checked out as soon as possible to find out the reason.


28 January 2016