How to Handle a Brake Fluid Leak

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If you notice dark fluid underneath your car when it is parked or are having issues with the smell, sound, and function of your brakes, you might be dealing with a brake fluid leak. Here are some steps for handling this type of leak. Stop Driving Your Car The first thing you need to do if you notice a brake fluid leak is stop driving your car. This type of car is dangerous if you continue driving and ignore the leak.

19 February 2016

How to know when you need to have your brakes looked at

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Your brakes are extremely important elements in your car. In many instances, they are what separate you from an accident. If they were to malfunction you could be put in a truly dangerous situation. When your brakes are starting to break or malfunction, this is usually easy to tell from the break light on your dashboard and the fact that your brakes have started to function poorly. However, malfunctioning brakes can have other symptoms as well.

28 January 2016

Steering and Suspension Problems: Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Two hallmark components of your car are the steering and suspension systems. The steering system helps the car driver to be in control of the vehicle while on the road. The suspension system, on the other hand, is designed to give the driver and his or her passengers a smooth ride. The two systems are directly linked, which explains why they are usually referred to collectively. Even though the task of troubleshooting steering or suspension issues may seem rather daunting to many people, you have a fighting chance if you can detect the following telltale warnings:

14 January 2016

Indicators That Your Mobile Truck Tyres Require Urgent Replacement


The condition of tyres play a part in determining how safe your mobile trucks are when on the road. Therefore, you should stop at nothing to ensure that your mobile truck tyres are in tiptop shape all the time. However, many people often disregard or don't know the telltale signs that their mobile truck tyres require replacement and that the tyres are therefore a threat to road safety. Here are the key pointers you should look out for to know when the tyres of your mobile trucks need replacement.

22 December 2015

Mechanic | 4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Change The Oil In Your Car

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If you like doing DIY work on your car, then changing the oil is a simple process without having to go to a professional mechanic. Your car manufacturer will typically recommend how often you need to change the oil.. For older cars, an ideal time to change oil is usually after every 4800 kms, but newer models have different requirements, so always refer to your owner's manual. Here are some step-by-step guidelines to help you change your car's oil.

4 December 2015

Getting Value for Money from Your Car Service

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Family budgets are often under pressure these days, and there's a great temptation to save money where possible. That can extend to car servicing, but cutting corners for lower costs can be a dangerous practice. The Need for Proper Servicing Regular servicing is the key to having a car that is reliable, safe and performs well. Missing a service can save money in the short-term but can lead to higher costs later as minor problems escalate into major repairs.

16 November 2015

Planning To Hire A Rental Car For The First Time? Here Are The Unwritten & Written Rules You Need To Bear In Mind

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Everyone has to hire a car from a place like 1300meteor rentals at some point, even if you already own a vehicle. You might be travelling to a new city, you might be a tourist in the country, your car may be grounded in the garage, and so forth. If you're planning to hire a rental car, it's important to know the code of conduct, or rather the etiquette, expected when you do so.

27 October 2015