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Why You Should Not Worry About the Straps Used By Tow Companies

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Have you ever held your breath in fear that the straps or slings being used to lift a car onto a recovery vehicle would break and drop the car? Read on and discover some of the measures that providers of towing services take to ensure that those straps will not fail as they are used to lift vehicles that have broken down.

Adhering to Load Ratings

Every strap or sling has a tag that stipulates its load limit. Tow service providers usually desist from using a strap that doesn't have a tag stating the load limits of that strap. This is because it would be easy to exceed the load limit of such a strap during a vehicle recovery if you don't know its limits. Operators ensure that they select the strap with the appropriate load rating for the vehicle that they are going to lift or tow in order to prevent damaging your vehicle when the strap fails due to being subjected to a bigger load than it was designed to lift.

Rigorous Inspection

Tow service companies may also have a rigorous inspection programme that ensures that the straps used by their crews don't have any damage, such as rips and loose stitching, that may reduce the capacity of the strap to lift its rated loads. Straps found to be damaged are then taken out of service and destroyed so that someone doesn't accidentally use them during a vehicle recovery. Your car will therefore be lifted using straps that have passed the inspection.

 Avoiding Sharp Edges

Another measure that is  taken to ensure the straps perform as expected is to protect them from being damaged by sharp edges during the recovery of a broken down vehicle. Edge protectors are usually placed on the parts of a broken down vehicle that can cut the strap. In this way, the fabric of the strap will be shielded from the edges that otherwise could have damaged that strap.

Proper Storage

Great care is usually taken to store the straps in cool dark areas. Such places limit the exposure of the straps to UV damage. The straps are also kept away from chemicals, such as cleaning detergents, which can destroy the structural integrity of the fabric from which the straps were made. These precautions ensure that the straps will perform as stipulated by the manufacturer.

As you can see, several measures exist to ensure the straps will not fail due to avoidable factors. Besides, towing companies usually have insurance that will cover any damage that occurs while your car is being towed. You should therefore have no worries about the safety of your car if you hire experienced towers to recover your car after it breaks down.


30 January 2017