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5 Things You Should Do After Renting a Utility Vehicle

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Some people who rent vehicles for the first time may not know what they should do before they leave the car rental yard. This may cause them to commit mistakes that may drive up the car rental fees. This article discusses some of things you should do as soon as the keys of the rental car are handed to you.

Take Pictures

Car rental companies usually take notes about the physical condition of a car before a client drives it off. Those notes help to identify which defects (if any) the car had before it was taken. Any additional defects, such as scratches, have to be repaired by the client before the vehicle is received.

You should also take a cue and inspect the vehicle before you drive it off. It is even better to take close up pictures of the car using your phone. Those pictures may come in handy in case you are asked to repair a defect that was on the car before you received it.

Start the Car

Do not be in a hurry to drive off from the lot once you receive the keys of the vehicle. Start the vehicle and let its engine run for a few minutes. Listen carefully so that you can notice in case the car is making any abnormal noises, such as a banging noise from the engine. Do not rent a car whose engine makes abnormal noises.

Test the Air Conditioning System

A distracted driver who is trying to find the controls that operate the air conditioning system in a vehicle that he or she isn't familiar with may cause an accident. Avoid adding to those statistics by testing the AC controls before you start driving. That test will also confirm whether the system is working to your satisfaction.

Locate the Fuel Latch

Different car makes and models have different mechanisms that control the opening to the fuel tank. Find the lever that opens the fuel latch on the vehicle that you have rented. This will save you from being embarrassed when you open the trunk during a fuel stop later on.

Check a Map

Many car rental companies provide a map in each car rented out. Look at the map and be sure that you know which route you should take in order to reach your destination quickly. This precaution will ensure that you have a back up option in case the GPS malfunctions when you are driving through a place that is new to you.

Your trip is less likely to be full of unpleasant experiences in case you implement the suggestions above before leaving the parking lot of the car rental company. Check out a site like for more on this topic.


11 August 2016