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4 Reasons Why 4X4 Vehicles Beat Campervans for an Australian Road Trip

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If you're heading out on an Australian road trip, you might just be thinking that a normal car will be fine. However, this is not always the case. Though cars can take you most places, it's hard to beat the performance and ride-quality offered by a 4X4 when you really want to explore, and that's really just the start of what they can offer. Here are just four reasons why you'd be better off with one instead of a standard sedan or compact.

1. Panoramic Views

People often fail to appreciate just how big a difference is made by the increased ride height offered by a 4X4 vehicle. Being placed higher up than other drivers literally provides a whole new perspective; you won't just be seeing over traffic, you'll be seeing more of the surrounding landscape.

That might not sound like a big deal if you're just driving a normal road, but riding from Cairns to Daintree National Park along the famous Captain Cook Highway or taking in the Twelve Apostles along Victoria's Great Ocean Road is really something you need to fully experience. What seems like only a small bump-up in ride-height really does make a dramatic difference.

2. Ability to Explore

Probably the most obvious reason to pick a 4X4 is that you'll be better able to explore the country.

Remember, some parts of Australia are still quite undeveloped, and many national parks don't offer sealed roads to let drivers get to certain places. Fancy heading to Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu? You'll only be able to get there down a road that is 4WD only.

3. Room to Pack

Cars might be fine for your everyday baggage, but it will often be a struggle to fit in everything you need for a road trip.

In contrast, 4X4 vehicles generally have plenty of room for everything you need to bring. Want to take a large tent, barbeque, and couple of sleeping bags so you can have a cook-out and then sleep in the open? You might not fit everything inside a car, especially if there is more than two of you.

4. Out of the Ordinary

Finally, 4X4 vehicles simply reflect the adventurous Australian outback better than any other vehicle. Your whole road trip should be an experience, so it only makes sense to hire a commanding 4-wheeler rather than a standard car. It might not be the most practical reason, but the feeling of hitting the gas in a 4X4 is just more fun. Most people, especially those who have come from abroad, have gotten used to driving normal cars and don't really think about the possibility of hiring a 4X4. However, as illustrated by the points above, Australian road trips really are best experienced behind the wheel of such a vehicle.


16 June 2016