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Exhaust System Upgrade: Selecting the Right Type of Performance Muffler

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If you are planning on upgrading your exhaust system, you should consider purchasing a new muffler. This component is designed to decrease the noise produced during operation by the exhaust fumes leaving the engine. The main detriment attached to installing a muffler in the vehicle is the creation of back pressure by the exhaust fumes. Basically, the muffler prevents immediate flow of these gases in the exhaust system for efficient quieting. This lowers the performance of the vehicle. If you want to overcome this drawback, you should consider installing a performance muffler. This will promote acoustic insulation without generating excessive back pressure. Here are the primary types of performance mufflers to consider purchasing for your car.

Chambered Muffler

A chambered muffler is ideal for your vehicle if you are interested in a device that provides a good balance between noise attenuation and performance. As implied, this muffler has a series of chambers which are configured to cause exhaust sounds to bounce off each other. This design reduces the pertinent noise significantly through this reflection, and it does not generate high back-pressure. You should note that the level of attenuation will depend on the number of chambers and their sizes. If you want your vehicle to retain performance acoustics when revving for street appeal, choose mufflers with acoustic inserts that will alter the residue exhaust noise. This is particularly attractive for muscle and street cars.

Turbo Muffler

The turbo muffler is designed and fabricated to use perforated tubes to reduce the exhaust noise. These tubes are made using acoustic attenuating materials, so they will muffle the sounds as the exhaust fumes are driven through the piping. Often, the tubes are arranged in an S-shape design so that the gases will flow through more tubing for better attenuation. However, there are other designs in the market to consider, so discuss your options with the supplier. You can also choose a turbo muffler packed with sound deadening material around the tube for ultimate acoustic quieting.

Glasspack Muffler

The glasspack muffler is also known as the straight-through muffler. This is designed to facilitate the maximum flow of exhaust fumes, which in turn eliminates most of the back pressure generated by muffling devices. Basically, a glasspack muffler is fabricated using a straight pipe with perforations. This element is covered with a soundproofing material, for example, fibreglass insulation. The glasspack is compact and it promotes exceptional engine performance. This is an ideal choice if you are working on a street car or customising a race-style vehicle.


23 May 2016