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Questions to Ask Before Renting a Bus for a Work Outing

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When you need to have a number of people on your staff attend a seminar or any other type of work outing, you would do well to hire a bus or van of some sort. This can ensure that no one gets lost while on the road, and can also give you the opportunity to use the transit time to go over notes and other materials. Before you rent such a bus for your work outing, you want to ensure you get the right type and know everything involved in the bus hire. Note a few questions to ask any rental agency.

1. What is the price difference for renting by the hour versus the day?

A bus hire usually is rented by the hour or by an entire day. The hourly rate might seem cheaper for you, but keep in mind that when you're at a seminar, it might take longer to get out of a crowded arena than you realize. Attendees will usually want to use the restroom before they leave, and some may linger and chat. 

It's easy to assume that you will only need to figure the time it takes to commute back to your office after the seminar is over when considering the hours required for the bus. However, if you keep in mind all the delays you can expect, the daily rate might be a better option for you. Take a few minutes to crunch those numbers before you decide on your choice.

2. Is there a restroom on the bus, or how often can they stop for breaks?

For longer commutes, you'll want to ensure that your attendees have adequate restroom breaks, usually every few hours or hour and a half. Larger buses may have actual restrooms but if not, note how often they can take breaks during the commute and ask if they have certain area in which they stop. Some buses may have fast food restaurants they stop at regularly, or will know where the public rest stops are located. If not, be sure you map these out yourself when planning a longer drive.

3. Is there Wi-Fi, electricity, and other ports on the bus?

For longer commutes, you may want everyone to connect to their email or the company's system so they can go over notes, their presentation, and the like. You may need Wi-Fi for this, and electricity or charger ports for tablets and laptops. Don't assume a bus will have these but ask about them if they will be needed for your commute.

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15 September 2015