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4 Signs of a Faulty Diesel Pump

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Even with the best care, your diesel pump will eventually need repair or replacement. A malfunctioned fuel pump can cause failure and inconvenience. Here are four telltale signs that your diesel pump needs repair or replacement:

The engine sputters

This is perhaps the most common early signal that your fuel pump has a problem. When driving at a steady high speed, your car engine will sputter. Your vehicle will run well for approximately ten miles then start jerking around for one or two miles before returning to normal. This sign indicates that the fuel pump is worn down. It means that the pump is struggling to supply fuel to the engine constantly at the appropriate pressure. The engine sputters are because of low fuel pressure to the engine.

The car engine will not start

Of all symptoms, this is the most severe. When your car engine fails to start, it means that upon ignition, no fuel is getting to the engine. Consequently, you'll hear sparks trying to ignite but no fuel is available to burn. For an effective diagnosis of this problem, look for a blown fuse and/or pressure inside the fuel line.

Trouble accelerating

You know your fuel pump has a problem if you experience sudden trouble accelerating. This means that the pump is hardly supplying constant flow of fuel to the engine. Lack of fuel in the engine means it cannot perform at peak level hence the acceleration problems. While this problem can be associated with the filters, your best bet should be to have your cars' fuel pump checked immediately. This will prevent uneven acceleration progressing to the shutting-off of your car while on the road.

Surging of the engine

Too much fuel getting to the engine can cause problems just like too little fuel. While less gasoline to the engine can cause your car to stall, too much will cause it to surge. Your car will move along normally at an even speed then without your intervention, it will pick up and then "surge" forward as if you have depressed the gas pedal. So what does this mean? Because of wear and tear, the diesel fuel pump has irregular resistance in its motor. Simply put, the pump is unable to draw enough electricity for maintaining the needed pressure for steady speeds.

Timely replacement or repair of the fuel pump is highly important. Failure to solve the above problems immediately causes other parts of the car to overwork. Check out companies such as B & M Fuel Injection Pty Ltd for more information. 


30 December 2014