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Trailer Ramp Safety Tips

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Aluminum trailer ramps are known to be very strong for all kinds of loading and offloading applications. That reliability does not mean a user should not take any safety precautions when using these ramps. This article discusses some safety tips that users of aluminum trailer ramps should keep in mind.

Brake Gently

When loading or offloading a motorized payload (such as a tractor), never brake abruptly as the vehicle moves off the ramp. Sudden braking can cause the ramp to get detached and move away from the site of loading. It is therefore advisable to brake gently as you load or offload vehicles using an aluminum trailer ramp.

Engage The Parking Brake

Many users of trailer ramps remember to apply chocks on the wheels of vehicles from which they are loading or offloading cargo using a ramp. It is however very easy to forget to engage the parking brake prior to beginning the loading or offloading process. This error can result in the vehicle rolling due to the weight of the load that is being removed or added and that can cause accidents. You should check that the parking brake has been engaged before you start loading or offloading the vehicle.

Pay Attention To The Position Of The Load's Powered Wheels

If you are loading a vehicle onto a trailer, it is important that you ensure the powered wheels of the vehicle are on the uphill side during the loading process. Powered wheels are those wheels on a vehicle where the acceleration is directed to so that the vehicle is propelled forward. It is those wheels that should be on the uphill side as you load so that they pull the rest of the vehicle up rather than pushing it from the downhill side. Pushing from the lower side requires more force since the weight of the vehicle will be concentrated on the downhill side.

Place Jack Stands Under the Trailer

If you would like to prevent the weight of a load on an aluminum trailer ramp from raising the back of the truck or trailer, simply place jack stands underneath the rear side of the trailer so that it is a little elevated from the ground. This will even out the slope and reduce the chance of the truck's rear rising during the loading process.

The safety tips above are very important in helping to reduce the likelihood of any accident as you load or offload trucks using an aluminum trailer ramp. Act on them in order to ensure that safety hazards do not occur. For more information, contact a company like Sureweld.


15 December 2014